Ludacris: "Sometimes I Forget How Many Hit Records I Have"

Ludacris: "Sometimes I Forget How Many Hit Records I Have"

Published Thu, June 1, 2023 at 5:05 PM EDT

Ludacris recently sat down with GQ to break down his most iconic songs, including "What's Your Fantasy," "Southern Hospitality," "Area Codes," "Rollout (My Business)," "Move B***h," "Act a Fool," "Stand Up," "Welcome to Atlanta," Justin Bieber's "Baby," Fergie's "Glamorous," "Runaway Love," "My Chick Bad," and "All I Do Is Win."

"When you look at the discography of records that I have, you'd be surprised," the Disturbing Tha Peace rapper said. "Sometimes I forget how many hit records I have."

Ludacris explained that he was a radio personality at Atlanta's Hot 97.5 without much money, but a strong passion for music when he released his 2000 hit, "What's Your Fantasy."

"I was waiting for my opportunity to shine and this was it," he remembered. "'Fantasy' was produced by Bangladesh who was my barber at the time and the flipside was "Game Got Switched" produced by Organized Noize."

Luda explained that he had a difficult decision to make in determining which song to promote first, but "What's Your Fantasy" was his choice.

On the video for 'Southern Hospitality' I'm hanging upside down. I'd just finished eating and I threw up like a mother, then I was like 'Let's keep goin''

Ludacris explained that the Pharrell-produced "Southern Hospitality" was "just ok" upon first hearing it.

"We were in the studio in Virginia Beach, where Pharrell is from, and I went to the car to write my lyrics - that's where I do my best writing," he said. "I went back in about 45 minutes later and we came up with the hook and I remember arguing that I liked it, but I didn't know if it was a smash. I was wrong. That records a fuckin' smash!"

Ludacris says that his hit, "Area Codes," is based on real life.

"Area Codes came about in such an organic way," he said. "It's my first time traveling the world and going from city to city and picking up numbers from women in different states. I knew if I was in Jersey that was 201 and new York was 718."

Ludacris will be performing live at this years Rock The Bells Festival on August 5 at Forest Hills Stadium in Queens New York. Check out his full breakdown above.

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