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Kool G Rap Drops New Single "Critical" With Nems

Kool G Rap Drops "Critical" With Nems

Kool G Rap is back with the latest single, "Critical" from his much-anticipated upcoming album, Last of a Dying Breed. The hard-hitting track features Nems with production from Domingo, who produced the entire project. The National Hip Hop Museum will serve as executive producer on the album.

"Critical" follows the lead single, "Fly Til I Die" featuring fellow Juice Crew alum, Big Daddy Kane, which dropped back in August.

"Label owner Dave Goldberg and I saw an opportunity to record, revive and reinvigorate one of the greatest MCs in the history of Hip-Hop through his first album in five years," National Hip Hop Museum founder Jeremy Beaver told Rock the Bells.

The single drop comes on the heels of what's been a busy year for the legendary rapper. Back in August, he was inducted into the National Hip Hop Museum along with Diamond D, Speech, Slick Rick, Chubb Rock, Whodini and U.T.F.O. Most recently, it was announced that he teamed up with Rapper Cards to release a limited edition autographed card.

Eminem, who's been promoting his new greatest hits album, Curtain Call 2, recently spoke about Kool G Rap's huge influence on his style.

"Kool G Rap would put fuckin' 10 words in two lines and it would rhyme, and they would fall right into each other," Em wrote in a special first-person essay for XXL, before referencing G Rap's verse on "Jive Talk". "I studied that. He said, 'A letter to you suckers, each and every one of you duck muthafuckas/Your girl puckers her lips, so I stuck her.' He just said a sentence, but five things rhymed in there."

Last of Dying Breed drops Oct. 14. Listen to "Critical" above.

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