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Kool G Rap Drops "Born Hustler" Featuring AZ and 38 Spesh

Kool G Rap Drops "Born Hustler" Featuring AZ and 38 Spesh

Published Wed, November 23, 2022 at 5:07 PM EST

Kool G Rap just dropped a new single from his upcoming album Last of a Dying Breed, "Born Hustler" featuring AZ and 38 Spesh.

The new project marks the legendary Juice Crew member's first album since 2018's Son Of G Rap with 38 Spesh and his first solo album since 2017s Return Of The Don. The project is executive produced by The National Hip Hop Museum.

“The National Hip Hop Museum has forged a relationship with label Ewing Athletics," NHHM founder Jeremy Beaver told ROCK THE BELLS. "Coming off the heels of Rakim’s sneaker deal, label owner Dave Goldberg and I saw an opportunity to record, revive and reinvigorate one of the greatest MCs in the history of Hip-Hop through his first album in five years."

The album will be produced by Domingo, and "Born Hustler" follows previous singles with Big Daddy Kane, "Fly Til I Die" and "Critical" with Nems. Last of a Dying Breed is due out Dec. 9. Listen to the new single below.

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