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Just-Ice Claims Heavy D Jacked Him For "Don't Curse"

Just-Ice Claims Heavy D Jacked Him For "Don't Curse"

Legendary emcee Just-Ice sat down with Chuck Creekmur of AllHipHop on Thursday (7/4), and when the subject of KRS-One and Just-Ice utilizing dancehall and reggae in the late 1980s arose, Just-Ice revisited that period.

"I love any record that Frankie Paul makes, and I loved 'Worries in The Dance,'" Just explained. "'Moshitup' was done by Kris (KRS-One) and he knew reggae, too, so it was easy for him to do that." Just-Ice went on to explain that he did a song with Heavy D on Just-Ice's third album The Desolate One.

"It was called 'Ram Dance Session' and me and KRS spit from the top of our heads like a freestyle, nothing structured," he explained. "And Heavy D walked in, who is Jamaican, too. Heavy came in and started spittin,' and that's how that record came to fruition."

Just-Ice then went to make a shocking claim regarding Heavy D's classic single "Don't Curse."

"Then he did somethin' else we didn't like," Just shared. "Me and Kris told Heavy D that night in the studio that we were in the process of making a record called 'Don't Curse.' What happened two years later? We were like 'Yo, do you see what this motherfucker just did? We were all cool with each other and me and Heavy used to snap on each other. I don't want anybody saying that I'm talking shit about Heavy now because he returned to the essence, but there were no apologies—no nothin.' But it's all good, Heavy was our brother. But he did. It's done. Rest in peace, brother!"

The Desolate One was released in 1989. "Don't Curse" appeared on Heavy D & The Boyz's 1991 platinum-selling album Peaceful Journey.

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