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Jim Jones Trademarks His Famous Foot Tap

Jim Jones Trademarks His Famous Foot Tap

Jim Jones has revealed he’s trademarked his signature foot tap from three years ago. Back in 2019, Jimmy posted a video as an unofficial weatherman for New York City during a severe snowstorm that covered the Big Apple that winter. Jones gave updates on the snow, advising citizens to "stay yo ass" in the house.

“Shit getting out of hand now,” he declared, tapping his foot on the ground. “When niggas waking you up talking bout 'it’s a storm out here.' Listen, I’m only here to give y’all the weather before I go back to sleep. It’s fucked up out here. Schools closed, probation’s closed and the coroner’s closed. I shouldn’t even have to say no more, nigga. Stay yo' ass the fuck in house, nigga.”

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This past weekend, as New York state was hit with another major Northeastern storm, Jim Jones once again offered an update. And he shared that he's trademarked his now-viral foot tap from 2019.

“I trademarked the foot tap,” Jones said in a clip. “I saw one of these companies doing that shit in their commercials and I had to… let me holla at you and show you what this trademark look like.”

He continued: “Before they have to pay you that type of money, they do the right thing and acknowledge that you were outta pocket and things like that, and hopefully they turn around and do business with you for the same reason they was using whatever properties you owned.”

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