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NEW YORK, NY - JANUARY 23: Shawn 'Jay-Z' Carter attends Criminal Justice Reform Organization Launch at Gerald W. Lynch Theater on January 23, 2019 in New York City.

Jay-Z Sues Bacardi Over D'Usse Partnership

Jay-Z Sues Bacardi Over D'Usse Partnership

Jay-Z says Bacardi has some explaining to do. According to TMZ, Jay's company, SC Liquor, is demanding that Bacardi open the books, and grant financial clarity as it pertains to his brand D'Usse.

Bacardi and Jay-Z have been co-owners of D'Usse since 2011, and the suit demands that Jay be given access to the production warehouses, D’Usse barrels, bottles and all other info regarding Bacardi’s inventory-keeping process. SC Liquor writes it needs to “monitor the conduct of [Bacardi’s] business to protect SC’s rights” as a partner.

On the other side of Jay'z career, producer Rick Rubin recently broke down his creative process, recalling to Joe Rogan how he famously doesn't write down his lyrics.

“Jay-Z doesn’t write anything down and he just listens to the beat, hums, goes on the mic 20 minutes later, and says a whole complicated verse. I don’t know how he can remember it much less have just written it and just be able to do it free. It’s wild. When we were recording ’99 Problems’ I played the beat for him, he likes the beat, and then he says ‘okay, just keep playing it.’ He then sits in the back of the control room on the couch and you just hear him humming (hums along). 15 or 20 minutes (later) and then he jumps up and is like ‘okay, I got it.'"

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