Ice-T Suggests "It's Time for a Redo" of America's Founding Documents

Ice-T Suggests "It's Time for a Redo" of America's Founding Documents

Published Thu, July 7, 2022 at 1:13 PM EDT

Yesterday (July 6), Ice-T shared his thoughts on social media about some of the founding documents used to shape America's laws and moral codes.

"The United States was founded by men who owned slaves and didn't extend equal rights to women, so we can stop pretending all the documents they wrote were infallible," the post reads.

Ice captioned the post with a simple, "It's time for a redo" along with a fist.

The outspoken rapper was likely alluding to a series of horrific events that have sparked protests across the country — from the overturning of Roe versus Wade, to the rampant mass shootings, to the killing of Jayland Walker, who was gunned down by Akron police in a hail of bullets during a traffic stop.

Ice T is well known for voicing his thoughts on socio-political issues, dating way back to 1991 when the release of his song "Cop Killer" with Body Count. The song, which Ice-T referred to as a "protest record" drew the criticism of then-president George H. W. Bush. Before that, in 1987, Ice-T became the first rapper to have a parental advisory warning label placed on his debut album, Rhyme Pays.

As Twitter worked itself up over his post, Ice sent another message — the new season of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit begins filming on July 28.

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