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Ice-T Wants A 'Def Jam: Fight For NY' Reboot: "A Huge Hit All Over Again"

Ice-T Wants A 'Def Jam: Fight For NY' Reboot: "A Huge Hit All Over Again"

Published Thu, March 3, 2022 at 9:30 AM EST



Legendary recording artist, actor and gamer Ice T took to Twitter earlier this week: “Gamer stuff: The one game they need to Reboot. Would be a huge hit all over again.” The tweet was accompanied by an image of Crows Crew (Snoop Dogg, Xzibit, Ice T, Slick Rick) from the classic EA game “Def Jam: Fight For NY”. Ice is a true gamer who has posted to his social media about his favorite games and popped up at a few gaming conferences.


2004’s “Def Jam: Fight For NY” was released for Playstation 2, X Box and Nintendo Game Cube and was a hit at the time. There were far better fighter games on the market at the time, but being able to fight with members of Def Jam Records huge catalog of personalities and recording artists was a different experience.


Ice T’s tweet was met with overwhelming agreement by gamers who remember the trilogy of Def Jam games released by Electronic Arts: “Def Jam Vendetta” (2003), “Def Jam: Fight For NY” (2004) and “Def Jam: Icon” (2007). Fifteen years is a long time between games in a series, and there are tons of copyright and trademark issues that would likely prevent a modern Def Jam game from becoming a reality. Ice T and other fans have voiced the desire online to see the Def Jam series revisited over the years. Maybe there’s some hope for a fourth installment.

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