Ice Cube of hip-hop supergroup Mt. Westmore performs at Rupp Arena on November 20, 2021 in Lexington, Kentucky.

Ice Cube On 'Menace II Society' Role: "I Had A Shot To Do O-Dog"

Ice Cube On 'Menace II Society' Role: "I Had A Shot To Do O-Dog"

Published Sat, July 16, 2022 at 12:00 PM EDT

Ice Cube was the guest on a recent episode of the On The Guest List Podcast where he discussed his BIG3 basketball league, his music career and his career as an actor. When asked was there ever a role or script that he regretted turning down, the Mount Westmore rapper shared that he had an opportunity to be in a classic.

"I would say Menace II Society," he explained. "I had a shot to do O-Dog. Even though I thought Larenz Tate killed it, I just didn't wanna be typecast." Cube then explained that he had just come off of the success of Boyz N The Hood and didn't want to portray a L.A. gangbanger in every movie.

"That [Menace...] was like the second movie I got offered, then I did Trespass with Ice-T," he says, before noting, "And played a crazy-ass St. Louis gangbanger."

When asked what motivated him to go beyond music into acting Cube said that he has always been a creative. "I love to create at a high level, music is creating at a high level when you're putting out records and doing movies is creating at a high level. It's really about my creative juices and what I feel that I want to create. That's where the diversity comes from. At first I wanted to be the best rapper in the world and I was satisfied with that, and then I met [director] John Singleton in 1988."

Cube said that after making Boyz N The Hood and acting in a few movies he told Singleton that he hadn't found a script better than Boyz N The Hood. "John said 'you're not gonna find one, unless you write one. If you can write a rap like that, you can write a movie like that.'" Cube then reveal that he wrote three scripts based on Singleton's advice. "I wrote a movie called America Eats It's Young, and another called Defense and the third movie I wrote was Friday."

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