'Hey Lover' Ep. 1: Masta Ace and LeSchea

Masta Ace and LeSchea Talk Commitment on ROCK THE BELLS New Series 'Hey Lover'

Published Fri, February 17, 2023 at 12:00 AM EST

Le Schea and Masta Ace met in the 1990s, when Ace was working on his 1995 album Sittin' On Chrome and Le Schea was an up-and-coming singer. They would join forces in Masta Ace Incorporated, but eventually, the pair would find themselves teaming up in a totally different way.

Years later, the longstanding couple sat down to share their perspective on how they've made it work. Hey Lover features famous rap couples sitting down and having a conversation with each other about love and commitment. You can check out Ace and Le Schea's conversation above.

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