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Rapper the Notorious B.I.G., February 25, 1997

Havoc Explains Losing the Original Beat for Biggie's "Last Day"

Havoc recently sat down with to talk about he and Styles P's new collaborative project, Wreckage Manner. The album features Havoc's trademark production, with he and the LOX rhymer showcasing why they're two of New York's most revered. He shared with RTB that his admiration for Styles began with their first collaboration, a classic track on The Notorious B.I.G.'s 1997 album Life After Death. For The LOX, it served as a major shot of visibility for the Yonkers-bred trio.

"For me, it goes back to 'Last Day,'" Havoc shared with RTB's Mary Almonte regarding his first impressions of The LOX. "Just hearing them come out and being one of those groups where, for me, I was like ‘Oh shit. These dudes is ill. Crazy.' [They were] from YO, killing it on a high level [from right] out the gate."

Havoc produced the track, but credit went to Sean "Puffy" Combs at the time. "'Last Day' was produced by me," he clarifies, with a chuckle. "But y’know—Puff likes to spice things up sometimes, y'know?"

Havoc went on to explain that the original beat that he actually did for Biggie is not the song that fans have known for the past near-25 years.

"Puff hit me. He wanted a track for Big’s next LP and I gave him a track," Havoc recalls. "He loved it. When it was time to record the track, the fuckin' reel got lost for the original beat for 'Last Dayz.' Puff was steaming! He was hot. He was like ‘Where’s the beat I paid for?’ I had to make a different beat and made the beat over, that’s the beat that you hear now."

And all these years later, Havoc was faced with his original creation.

"Recently, like last year, I heard the beat that I first gave him!" he says in disbelief. "Word to everything! I was fucking tight! Who had it all this time?"


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