Ghostface Killah, Delfonics

Ghostface Killah's Delfonics Shootout Highlighted in the Latest 'Wu-Tang An American Saga' Episode

Ghostface Killah's Delfonics Shootout Highlighted in the Latest 'Wu-Tang An American Saga' Episode

Published Mon, April 3, 2023 at 11:40 AM EDT

The latest Wu-Tang An American Saga episode titled "After The Smoke Clears" features Ghostface Killah's shoot out while headed to the studio with the Delfonics.

The episode focuses on RZA and his search for a new sound for the clan. In the episode Ghost and his love for 70's soul music, specifically, The Delfonics is highlighted. Ghostface gets the opportunity to record with the Delfonics for his upcoming Ironman album for the single "After The Smoke Is Clear." While driving to the studio with the Delfonics, Ghostface begins shooting at a car that he thinks has been following him for some time.

After the awkward situation, the legendary soul group understandably has some reservations about going through with the recording. The scene also features the group in the studio recording their vocals layer by layer.

On a 2022 episode of Drink Champs, Ghostface detailed the story.

"This some funny shit, I got the Delfonics in a shootout on Staten Island," he said. "I had them in a 15-passenger van, and these dudes [his rivals] is playin' games. He saw me through the rearview and he was smilin' movin' real slow. I'm blowin' at him, it was crazy. By the time I got a chance to say I'm sorry, they were 'like don't worry about it man, somethin' told me to bring my knife.' Remember these are old men, but they Philly n---as! After a while they turned off, I didn't see them when we got to the studio."

RZA finds that the key to the new Wu-Tang sound is live instruments instead of samples, as he prepares for the monumental Wu-Tang Forever album.

Season 3 concludes Wu-Tang: An American Saga. Previous episodes are available for streaming on Hulu.

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