The Game is seen on May 25, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by TWIST/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

Game Insists He's Better Than Eminem: "I Just Haven't Been Given the Light He's Been Given"

Game Insists He's Better Than Eminem: "I Just Haven't Been Given the Light He's Been Given"

Published Sat, May 28, 2022 at 12:00 PM EDT

The Game continues his campaign for rap supremacy. The Compton rap star has continually insisted of late that he's better than Eminem, in particular; and during an appearance on the popular All The Smoke Podcast with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, Game once again took aim at the superstar from Detroit.

“When I say that I want to rap battle with Eminem, or Eminem is not the greatest rapper, or I’m better than him," he explains during the interview. "I’m supposed to think that I’m better than every single rapper."

Game implied that Em's success and acclaim are greatly attributable to Dr. Dre and Aftermath pushing Em.

“[I’m] not saying that [Eminem] can’t rap, the skillset is there. I’m just a better rapper,” he stated. “I just haven’t been given the light that he’s been given. They didn’t put the money behind me."

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Game was also signed to Aftermath in the early 2000s, with Dre serving as executivve producer on his first two albums. But he says that Em got more of a push. He acknowledges that Em is a talent, and he also knows that his remarks have been generating headlines. But he won't back down from his position.

"[Eminem is] a great lyricist, he’s just not better than me and if he is better than me, I need to see it," he said.

Game previously challenged Em during an appearance on Drink Champs with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN. "I want smoke with Eminem, him and him and whoever. I used to think that he was better than me, but he's not," he told N.O.R.E. And his manager Wack 100 doubled down on the challenge days later; saying that The Game’s motivation is purely friendly competition between two MCs; and he points out that, due to Em’s responses to Machine Gun Kelly and Nick Cannon, he’s no competition for The Game, lyrically. Wack also called Eminem disrespectful, pointing out that he has dissed his mother, his daughter mother and himself.

“If he don’t mind doing this to hisself [sic], ain’t no limits to where he gon’ go with another mothafucka,” Wack proclaimed.

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