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G-Herbo Reveals Jadakiss Called Him After Dipset Verzuz Battle

G-Herbo Reveals Jadakiss Called Him After Dipset Verzuz Battle

Jadakiss reminded hip-hop he was still top five dead or alive in 2021 thanks to his dominating performance on the Verzuz stage during The LOX battle against fellow New York City giants Dipset.

Chicago emcee, G Herbo, revealed in a recent interview with HotNewHipHop that the Yonkers legend called him after the epic Verzuz battle in August and have him quite the pep talk. 

“‘Kiss actually called me that same night after,” Herbo said. “What happened was I commented on a picture or some shit like that or something. And he called my phone, just chopping it up.”

“[Jadakiss] gave me a different outlook on just how I carry myself lyrically, gave me a lot of motivation, and just inspirational words. Coming from him, especially in that moment of triumph. For him to call me and give me that [talk], definitely meant a lot to me.”

G Herbo explained that he had his money on Jadakiss and The LOX winning over Dipset, even though he knew he was the minority. 

“My exact words to Southside [were] ‘Man, Jadakiss gon’ out rap them,’” he said. “I knew it and that’s exactly what happened … I’m a bigger Dipset fan than The LOX, hands down. I’m not gonna lie to you. But I’m a big Jadakiss fan. I’m a diehard Kiss fan. And I’m like, ‘Man, ‘Kiss gon’ out rap everybody’ — and that’s exactly what happened.”

Herbo posted footage of Jadakiss giving him props on a job well done shortly after his album’s release. “You nailed that shit!” Kiss said as he hugged Herb. “Nailed that shit to the cross! You feel me? Love you, dude. Real shit, my n-gga.”

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