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Freddie Gibbs

Freddie Gibbs and DJ Paul Rumored to Have New Music On The Way

Gary, Indiana emcee Freddie Gibbs may be releasing his last ever rap album. After tweeting that he was “going back to R&B,” Gibbs claims his fifth studio album, SSS, will be his last rap project. 

“This might be one of my last rap albums,” Gibbs told us during a Newport, Kentucky tour stop. “I ain’t gotta rap no more, man. After SSS, Ima show y’all... I’m ‘bout to bust out with an R&B album.”

Despite being Grammy-nominated for Best Rap Album in 2020, Gibbs got his musical start singing in a choir and initially had dreams of being an R&B artist. 

“R&B is what I started out doing before all the rap shit,” he explained. “Now, all you ni**as just wanna make me rap all day, and I don’t wanna rap. I wanna go back to my roots. I tried to get signed as an R&B singer in 2004, but every label in the world denied me. So, I had to do rap to get in the door.”

“I tricked y’all ni**as into thinking I was a rapper,” the Alfredo crafter joked. “And I learned to rap so good – better than everybody else, it’s crazy. So now, I’m ‘bout to come back to this R&B. And all the ni**as that didn’t wanna do no songs with me, like Miguel and all them ni**as, they’re gonna be like, ‘What’s up, Gibbs?’ And I’m ‘bout to be king of this shit.”

Fake Shore Drive’s Andrew Barber took to his Twitter account with an interesting speculation about Gibb’s forthcoming project. It is rumored that Freddie Gibbs and Three 6 Mafia’s DJ Paul have some heat in the vault, set to arrive with SSS

"Heard Freddie Gibbs and DJ Paul have a craaaaazy one together. #SSS can’t come soon enough," Barber tweeted.

This will be the very first collaboration between the hip-hop giants. Fans can likely expect a trap banger filled with braggadocious coke rap and witty one-liners. Hopefully, we can get the collaboration as the lead single in promotion of the project 

Do you think Freddie Gibbs and DJ Paul will deliver heat with their collaboration? Stay tuned for more news on Freddie Gibbs, DJ Paul, and classic hip-hop.



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