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Fat Joe to Ja Morant: 'Anybody Pointing You in the Direction of Ignorance Is Not With You'

Fat Joe to Ja Morant: 'Anybody Pointing You in the Direction of Ignorance Is Not With You'

Published Mon, May 15, 2023 at 9:50 AM EDT

Fat Joe has some advice for NBA star Ja Morant following his latest suspension from the Memphis Grizzlies for appearing to brandish a gun on Instagram Live.

Joe went on Instagram to offer a warning to the young star, telling him to mind the company he keeps.

“He’s trying hard to get kicked out the NBA,” Joe said. “Those guys that’s with you, they not your peoples, Ja. They don’t care. This is a problem we have with our community becoming famous. Because the people around you, they like that the girls is watching, they love the lifestyle, but they’re not you. They didn’t dribble the basketball in the snow on Christmas trying to figure out the Kobe moves, or the Jordan moves. They didn’t put in the work like you.” 

He went on to warn about the fickleness of so-called friends. “Guess what? If you get thrown out of the NBA, these are the same guys who are going to say, ‘Yo, he wasn’t shit anyway.’ Ja they are not your people,” he said. “Anybody pointing you in the direction of ignorance is not with you.” 

Beyond offering advice, Fat Joe was recently a guest on the Iconic Records Podcast where he revealed that Big Daddy Kane once "saved" him from a cypher with 2Pac and Biggie.

"I was in the front row at Madison Square Garden watching Big Daddy Kane do his set, and suddenly you saw the whole crowd took back towards the entrance, like the tunnel at the Knicks game," he explained. "It was Pac and B.I.G. and this was Juice Pac. He walked in with that diddy bop. The whole crowd was yelling, they couldn't believe that it was B.I.G. and Pac."

Joe then explained that 2Pac spotted him and invited him to come along with them. "We went up on stage, and I think Shyheim The Rugged Child from Wu-Tang was there. They started a cypher and B.I.G. did his '10 Mac 11's' rhyme. I was nervous - all I had was 'Flow Joe', I aint have no bars ready."

Joe said Big Daddy Kane "saved" him in the situation. "They passed me the the mic and Big Daddy Kane interrupted and said there wasn't time. I think [his dancer] Scrap Lover was gonna rhyme. Kane saved me."

Check out Joe's advice to Ja Morant above.

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