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MARCH 12: Drake performs at AccorHotels Arena on March 12, 2017 in Paris, France

Guess Who Drake Listened to the Most in 2022? (Hint: It's Not Drake)

Guess Who Drake Listened to the Most in 2022? (Hint: It's Not Drake)

Everybody is sharing their Spotify Wrapped since it dropped yesterday, including Spotify's most streamed male artist of all-time, Drake. So who's his top artist of 2022? 2Pac.

Though he wasn't said he was super affected when the infamous rapper was killed in 1996 (he was only nine after all), he's since expressed his love for Pac.

“If there was anybody that I wish I could be a little more like, it’d probably be ‘Pac,” he told the The Boombox in a previous interview. “I think more than anything, aside from his music, which was absolutely incredible, I think he just drove people with who he was, the way he carried himself. He was somebody who was a free spirit and he did not care, he just did what he felt. I wish I could have a little more ‘Pac to my persona. I’m working on it.” 

Drake may've been one of the many people listening to Pac's Greatest Hits album, which recently earned the honor of spending a whopping 450 weeks on the Billboard 200 charts — that's more than eight and a half years. The feat makes it the 4th-longest-charting rap album in history, after Eminem'sCurtain Call: The Hits (607), Kendrick Lamar' sgood kid, m.A.A.d city (526), and yep, Drake's Take Care (508).

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