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Dr. Dre's Picasso, and a Brief History of Hip-Hop's Love for the Painter

Dr. Dre's Picasso, and a Brief History of Hip-Hop's Love for the Painter

Dr. Dre’s son Truice Young posted a picture on IG of the legendary producer posing with a Picasso painting. The picture shows Dre seated at a long table with the painting behind him. Jay-Z’s song “Picasso Baby” from his 2013 album Magna Carta…Holy Grail played in the background of the posting, isolating the line “I just want a Picasso in my casa, no my castle."

Website ARTnews chronicled a brief history of rap artists referencing the Spanish artist who died in 1973 citing Dre’s “Deep Water” from his 2015 Compton album. Dre spit, “I heard you talking about respect, I gave you n-ggas the utmost, would you look over Picasso and tell him about his brush strokes?”

The site also highlighted The Beastie Boys mentioning the artist on “The New Style” in 1986 and 1999’s “Alive." Many interpreted the title of Kanye West’s 2016 release The Life of Pablo to be a reference to the iconic artist. Rappers Nacho Picasso and Poe Picasso both went as far as naming themselves after the pioneer of the Cubist movement whose pieces sell for hundreds of millions of dollars, with one selling for nearly 700 million in a 2021 auction.

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