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Doug E. Fresh and McCormick Team Up For Interactive Cooking Class

Doug E. Fresh and McCormick Team Up For Interactive Cooking Class

Published Fri, September 22, 2023 at 10:45 AM EDT

Hip-Hop legend Doug E. Fresh and McCormick recently teamed up for an interactive cooking class.

The event was held earlier this month in NYC and Cassius Life reports Doug E. Fresh, guests, and the press showed up at the New York Institute of Culinary Education for a special cooking class to celebrate Hip-Hop's 50th anniversary. Guests were treated to signature cocktails and mocktails before the start of the interactive cooking demonstration with Fresh and renowned McCormick Chef Cindy Gilbert began.

In other Doug E. Fresh news, he recently shared a story about Jay-Z's classic debut, Reasonable Doubt.

“Jay-Z brought by the tape, the cassette tape of ‘Reasonable Doubt’ and he sat in my house, he turned the chair around, and he said ‘Doug, tell me the truth, do you think this is gonna pop?’” Doug remembered. “I played it and I went through every record and I said, ‘Yeah, this is something new. You’re getting ready to do something with this.’ He said, ‘You sure? You really sure?’ I said, 'Yeah.'"

In a full circle moment, the beatbox virtuoso recently ran into the “Hard Knock Life” MC and the two reminisced on that meeting from nearly 30 years ago, and spoke on how the game has changed since then.  

“Not too long ago, around Grammy time, I’d seen him at the [Beyonce] show and he said, ‘I don’t know if I like Hip-Hop like I used to. It seems like it’s something different about it,’” said Doug. “I said to him, ‘you remember that time when you came by and that tape was there?’ He said ‘That’s what I’m talking about, what’s missing?’ What’s missing in it is people being honest and taking a chance, or taking responsibility in what you say. When you take responsibility you have the ability to respond.” 

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