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Donald Glover Earns 2022 Emmy Nomination for 'Atlanta'

Donald Glover Earns 2022 Emmy Nomination for 'Atlanta'

Published Tue, July 12, 2022 at 1:05 PM EDT

The 2022 Emmy nominations are in and Donald Glover is unsurprisingly up for yet another one for his turn as Earn Marks in his acclaimed, surreal FX series, Atlanta. Glover was nominated for "outstanding lead actor in a comedy series."

Glover won an Emmy in the category back in 2017 and also won for "outstanding directing" that same year. This is his ninth Emmy nomination for Atlanta, which debuted in 2016.

“It’s our point of view; it’s not really about the place,” Glover told Variety about the series earlier this year. "Although in Season 4, it makes a very heavy resurgence, as far as the actual place. Atlanta is a state of mind. Europe solidified how we felt [while writing] Season 3. [Director Hiro Murai] calls it our maximum season.”

The third season of Atlanta (also starring Zazie Beetz, LaKeith Stanfield, and Brian Tyree Henry) was generally met with mixed reviews, with the entirety of the season taking place in Europe during Paperboi's tour, and the rest of the episodes following an anthology format that were mostly hit or miss.

Season 4 will mark the final season of Atlanta, and it sounds like it'll return to its home turf, exploring the nuanced ins and outs of the city. It's set to premiere later this year.

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