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DMC: "Hip-Hop Was The Most Inspirational Thing I'd Ever Experienced In My Life"

DMC: "Hip-Hop Was The Most Inspirational Thing I'd Ever Experienced In My Life"

Published Mon, October 3, 2022 at 10:21 AM EDT

In a recent exclusive interview with Rock The Bells, DMC discussed the first time he experienced Hip-Hop. "I first discovered Hip Hop in the schoolyard of Saint Paschal Baylón elementary school," he recalled.

"I was a Catholic school kid and I'll never forget the date — it was 1978 and I was in the seventh grade. Billy Morris had a cassette player. There were no boomboxes, no big radios; just the flat Panasonic tape recorders that every little kid would have access to in the learning center at school. Billy pulled one out of his school bag and pressed play and said 'Listen to this.'"

DMC then explains what he heard on the tape: "When you mess around in New York town you go down with the disco Cheeba clown, you keep the pep in ya' step and don't stop til ya' get on the mountain top."

"It was the most inspirational thing I'd ever heard, experienced or felt in my life," he said.

DMC also revealed to Rock The Bells earlier this summer that he is preparing to release new music. "Don't get it twisted, I'm gonna be makin' music all my life," said The King of Rock. "In August, I [dropped] a song called 'Me And My Microphone,' produced [he didn't rap on it because he didn't wanna hurt us] by Bumpy Knuckles who is a great producer and worked with the best and learned with the best."

He then continues to rattle off a list of Hip-Hop giants who appear on the song, including Chuck D, Ice-T, and "probably one of the best DJs, if not the best DJ ever" DJ Jazzy Jeff.

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