DJ Premier On His Mother Helping Him Find His DJ Name: 'She Told Me To Make A List'

DJ Premier On His Mother Helping Him Find His DJ Name: 'She Told Me To Make A List'

Published Mon, October 30, 2023 at 5:00 PM EDT

On a recent episode of Bloomberg Originals, DJ Premier revealed his early inspirations to become a DJ and how he got his moniker.

"I started off just knowing how to blend. I could blend really fast and keep the party going," he explained. "I didn't have any equipment, but I had the records. If a DJ would let me learn on his stuff I'd bring the records to the party."

Premier then says that he went by many names, but it was Wild Pitch Records founder Stu Fine who encouraged him change his name. "I wasn't DJ Premier yet," he recounted. "I was DJ Chris, then Wax Master C. Right before I joined Gang Starr, Stu Fine said that he didn't like the name and asked me to come up with something else. I told my mom, and she said, 'Make a list and narrow it down.' I had DJ Scratch & Cut, DJ Platter, DJ Needle Drop, and Premier was one of them. My mom said that's the one because it meant that I was first."

In other DJ Premier news, he recently released the latest volume of Beats That Collected Dust, a compilation of his previously unreleased instrumentals that potential collaborators passed on.

“I like unique releases and Beats That Collected Dust is so unique," Premier said in a press release. "I also love the process of titling a project. I’ve always been responsible for titling all the projects I produce, and Beats That Collected Dust is so fitting. The format is an original tool, just like talk beds, freestyles, writing verses, and just plain listening. I decide when to release these instrumental volumes when they reach the stage of collecting dust. So here we are; Beats That Collected Dust, Vol. 3 is here and vinyl has arrived.”

See a snippet of his interview above.

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