DJ Premier Dissects Gang Starr's "Brainstorm"

DJ Premier Dissects Gang Starr's "Brainstorm"

Published Mon, February 27, 2023 at 4:39 PM EST

After revealing that he has gotten several requests for Gang Starr's "Brainstorm" and airing a video request for the song from a viewer, DJ Premier reveals that "Brainstorm" is one of his favorite Gang Starr tracks.

"Right after the 'Daily Operation' album in '92 going in to '93, there was a lot of talk about [me] just using jazz samples," Preemo says. "Technically I was during a lot of the phases of our career, but things like that make me want to show you that I'm multi-dimensional."

According to Preemo, Guru requested an uptempo beat for "Brainstorm."

"There's some special things on this record," Preemo said. "Whats so special about this song is not only the way that we did it to put it on the album and how stripped down it is. The best part was when we went on tour in '99 with Rage Against The Machine the crowd wasn't into 'Mass Appeal' and 'Code of The Street'. The mosh pit crowd needed more aggressive beats."

It's already been a busy year for Preemo, as he recently released "Heroes" with Macklemore earlier this year. In a promo video for the single, Premier speaks about what keeps him going. "The new stuff can't exist without the root of it," he says. "I'm addicted to keeping the culture alive. Sixteen years later and I'm ready to cook up another banger. And I still enjoy it. If I stop, I feel that a big chunk will be missing."

I'm all about drums and basslines. Those are my two expertise positions of what I do.

- DJ Premier

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