DJ Premier: "Paula Perry Is Underrated"

DJ Premier: "Paula Perry Is Underrated"

Published Mon, March 6, 2023 at 5:00 PM EST

On the latest episode of DJ Premier's So Wassup, he explains Paula Perry's early affiliation with Masta Ace Incorporated and her appearance on his Delicious Vinyl debut SlaughtaHouse.

After proclaiming his love for female MCs, Preemo shouts out The Sequence, Sha Rock, MC, Lyte, Sparky D, Salt N Pepa, The Lady of Rage, Nikki D, Queen Latifah, Remy Ma, Special One of The Conscious Daughters, Gangsta Boo, Eve, Monie Love and MC Trouble. When he speaks about Perry, "The Queen of Fort Greene," he calls her "underrated on the top females that get listed."

"She puts it down in grimy hardcore Brooklyn," he declared.

Eyceurock and Pop approached Ace about checking Paula out, he was impressed and signed her to his label INC

Premier breaks down Juice Crew member Masta Ace's affiliation with Prism Records where his fellow Juice Crew members Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane and Biz Markie released their first records.

"As everyone began to branch off and do their own thing Ace got signed to Delicious Vinyl on the west coast," he explained. "Of course, Tone Loc, The Pharcyde and Young MC were housed at Delicious Vinyl and being a New York artist signing to the label Ace was bringing a new sound."

After being told about Perry who now resided in Crown Heights, Ace checked her out and signed her out and signed her to his INC label. Perry appeared on the album's intro and "Who You Jackin?'" After her solo release, "Paula's Jam" Perry approached Preemo for beats for her upcoming Motown album. "Extra Extra" was born out of her request.

Peep the episode above.

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