De La Soul: It's Not Just About Getting Flowers: 'It's About Getting Seeds to Plant New Flowers'

De La Soul: It's Not Just About Getting Flowers: 'It's About Getting Seeds to Plant New Flowers'

Published Tue, April 11, 2023 at 10:12 AM EDT

In a recent interview with LL COOL J for Rock The Bells' Influence of Hip-Hop, Posdnous detailed his thoughts about the newer generation.

De La Soul arguably helped lay the groundwork for alternative Hip-Hop alongside the rest of the Native Tongues camp, moving to the left of conformity and confidently embracing individuality in their music and style. During the sit-down, Pos offered his thoughts about the new generation of Hip-Hop fans and artists. For De La, it's not about shunning and finger-pointing, but about building bridges.

"We've never been those dudes as a group who will be like, "Nah these new kids, they're not what they need to be, and being bitter," he said. "We want to be a part of showing excellence, quality, and also bridging gaps to work with younger kids to show what it is."

He says complaining about new Hip-Hop artists isn't the way to go. "I love when people say that. Like, "Yo don't complain about it, be a part of it. So we are part of this," he said. "We want to show what we can execute. What we can give, what we can nurture. It's a blessing to get flowers from people, but it's about getting flowers and seeds to plant new flowers. That's what we talking."

More than three decades after their 1988 debut, 3 Feet High & Rising, which debuted on streaming services this year, Plug One says De La Soul is still growing and learning.

"It's something we love, man," he said of Hip-Hop. "We love everything about this. And I love still studying. I love being that same kid who used to tape The World's Famous Supreme Team or Mr. Magic or Red Alert. Whoever it was on the radio. We would just listen to these dudes. We are those kids then that we study music and we love it and we want to apply it to our lives."

Catch the full interview below.

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