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Daz Dillinger: ''Dogg Food 2' Is Coming Soon'

Daz Dillinger: ''Dogg Food 2' Is Coming Soon'

Published Wed, April 26, 2023 at 3:55 PM EDT

Tha Dogg Pound's Daz Dillinger announced on his social media earlier this week that we can expect Dogg Food 2, the sequel to their 1995 full length release Dogg Food.

"NEW ALBUM COMIN SOON @official_kurupt@dazdillinger on DOGG POUND RECORDS PRODUCED BY @DAZDILLINGER," he wrote. He reminded us a few days later posting "DOGGFOOD2 COMIN SOON."

Dogg Food peaked at #1 on the Billboard 200 in November 1995, fueled by the singles "Let's Play House" featuring Michel'le and Nate Dogg and "New York, New York" featuring Snoop Dogg. The video for "New York, New York" featured images of Snoop kicking down landmark NY buildings, and added fuel to the East-West conflict at the time.

Daz recently made news when he accused Jay-Z of being inspired to write "Still D.R.E." for Dr. Dre's Chronic 2001 album.

"When you look at who it says they [interpolated] 'Serial Killer' in "Still D.R.E.," the Dogg Pound MC said. "They took my line 'If you ain't up on thangs Snoop Dogg is the name Dogg Pound's the gang'. They put that in 'Still Dre' - 'If you ain't up on thangs, Dr. Dre is the name I'm ahead of my game.'"

Daz says he believes that Jay-Z was influenced by his verse in "Serial Killer."

"In my mind, Jay-Z was listening to 'Serial Killer' when was writing that motherfuckin' rhyme, and I want to get my money for that."

Daz did not announce a release date for Dogg Food 2.

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