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Crazy Legs: "We Were Living A Double Life"

Crazy Legs: "We Were Living A Double Life"

Published Tue, March 14, 2023 at 2:23 PM EDT

On a recent episode of Drink Champs, Crazy Legs of The Rock Steady Crew revealed that things in the 80s were not as squeaky clean as they may have seemed concerning the world-renowned B-Boy crew.

In addition to sharing that many in his crew used acid back in the early 80s, he also revealed that they were stick-up kids. "Everybody did acid. You might not expect B-Boys to do acid, but you wouldn't expect us to be stick up kids either," he shared. "We were livin' double lives. When we did the David Letterman show in 1983 [Ken Swift] was high from doing acid the night before. We were like 'oh shit how we gonna do these routines?'"

Legs revealed that they were "runnin' wild robbin' people in Central Park" and because they were poor kids from The Bronx, they didn't like David Letterman and couldn't appreciate his dry sense of humor.

When I talk about the negative shit in my life that I've done, been a part of, or experienced it's not to brag about it or celebrate it. To be able to turn your life around, there's a lane for that too.

- Crazy Legs

Legs also shared a story of dancing for Queen Elizabeth. "I got to shake her hand and she had these jewels around her neck," he remembered. "I was supposed to be looking in her eyes like your highness or whatever, and I'm like 'damn I wanna snatch that shit.' Again, that's that double life. Coming from the hood, you wanted to meet James Brown or Hector Lavore. I knew who she was, but I didn't give a fuck."

Legs also shared a story with ROCK THE BELLS about an anti-drug commercial that he filmed with Kurtis Blow and directed by Abbie Hoffman. "Our manager at the time was Kool Lady Blue, and either she or Henry Chalfant got us this opportunity to do an anti-drug commercial with Kurtis Blow in 1981. We were sniffin' blow back then and smokin' weed and we actually were doing one of those drugs on the set. Double Life."

Check the Kurtis Blow anti-drug commercial below.

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