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Craig David Impersonated Nate Dogg on the '7 Days Remix'

Craig David Impersonated Nate Dogg on the '7 Days Remix'

On the most recent episode of DJ Premier’s Youtube series So Wassup?, the legendary beatmaker gives the backstory to his remix to British R&B singer Craig David’s hit single “7 Days,” featuring Brooklyn legend Mos Def. 

Preemo produced the single in 2001, after getting introduced to David by Big Beat founder and current President at Atlantic Records, Craig Kallman. The single came when David was attempting to make his crossover to the states after gaining major popularity in Europe. 

“Craig Kallman also had to handle Craig David’s transfer [to America], because the way they [release music] in Europe is way different from how we do it in the States,” Preemo explained. “Moving to the States, [Craig David] was just starting to break in, but he still hasn't gotten to the huge notoriety he did in Europe —-so Craig Kallman enlisted me to do a remix to ‘7 Days’.” 

Craig David wanted to create the perfect record for American audiences, completely re-recording his vocals over Preemos production, virtually making a completely different record. Preemo and David recruited Mos Def to do a remix inspired by Nate Dogg’s performance on Pharaoh Monch’s record “Oh No.” 

“Before he laid the hook to this, he said ‘Imma do this Nate Dogg imitation of this song, “Oh No,” Preemo recalled. “He said, “Imma imitate Nate Dogg on this and just salute him.” 

Apparently, David’s impression was spot on, according to Preemo, when the record was first released, many of his friends thought Nate Dogg recorded the verse on the single instead of Craig David. 

“First thing that was so ill was, when the record came out, mad people were hitting me up going, ‘Yo, that new Nate Dogg record that you did is amazing with Craig David.”

Check out the entire episode of DJ Premier's So What's Up? below. 


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