Chuck D Discusses Wellness in Hip-Hop: "There's a Reason Why Doug E. Fresh Looks 27"

Chuck D Discusses Wellness in Hip-Hop: "There's a Reason Why Doug E. Fresh Looks 27"

Published Wed, February 1, 2023 at 11:28 AM EST

Chuck D appeared on a recent episode of Sway's Universe and spoke on a number of topics. He reflected on touring with Doug E. Fresh in the late 80s and how forward-thinking Doug was concerning health and wellness.

"There's a reason why Doug Fresh looks 27," Chuck said. "On our first tour everybody is trying to go to whatever fast food spot, and Doug at 21 years old got a cook coming in cooking baked fish. It was a joke back then right? Ain't a joke now!"

Sway's co-host Heather B, who was once a part of Boogie Down Productions, adds that KRS-ONE traveled with a cook as well. Chuck also added that D.M.C. of legendary group Run-D.M.C. turned his health situation around 25 years ago and looks great today.

Chuck also spoke on the culture being five decades old, and its early fans being 50 and older.

"The art form is 50 years old," he said. "This is real people shit. Everybody in here is on the way to looking at Medicaid, and medicine is real for you. You're gonna have to do the medicine or [live] a certain lifestyle. For a long period of time, they pushed one lifestyle for Hip-Hop. We can't really sway a 34-year-old on their life, but we really can be impressionable to a 14-year-old on a lifestyle. If we pushing a [alcoholic] drink and someone at 14 gets into the drink and does it for 20 more years, you got 20 years on top of the 14 and at 34 you have to make some decisions."

Peep the episode above.

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