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Chris Rock Recalls Busta Rhymes "Carrying Me" at Jam-Master Jay's Funeral

Chris Rock starred in a viral video to announce Busta Rhymes 2020 album Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath Of God; and it turns out Rock has love for Busta going back to a painful Hip-Hop memory for both. During a recent appearance on MC Serch's Serch Says podcast, the comedy superstar revealed that Busta was by his side as he grieved during the funeral for Jam-Master Jay, back in 2002. 

Rock says that Busta had to physically help him get through the ceremony. 

“I love Busta as an entertainer, as a hip dude — I don’t know, I just love Bus,” Rock says in an excerpt from the podcast. “I remember I was at Jam Master Jay’s funeral. I was crying, like I almost fainted I was crying so hard.

“I remember Bus kind of picking me up and carrying me out like a solider, like, ‘You will not be left behind.’ I always remembered that like, ‘I like this guy.’ I just love Busta Rhymes. He never really lets you down. He’s not even underrated, he’s under appreciated.”

Watch Chris Rock's Busta Rhymes story below:



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