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PERRIS, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 21: Rapper Cam'ron attends Cam'ron's Pynk Mynk Unveiling at Strains on October 21, 2020 in Perris, California.

Cam'ron: "Why Are We Comparing Aaron Rodgers to Tom Brady?"

Cam'ron: "Why the F--- Ever Are We Comparing Aaron Rodgers to Tom Brady in Anything?"

Cam'ron is continuing to tease his upcoming new sports show, It What It Is, this time with a clip of him criticizing Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

The Harlem vet addressed the comparisons of Rodgers to Tom Brady — bottom line? Cam says it's not even close.

"Why the fuck are we ever comparing Aaron Rodgers to Tom Brady in anything?” Cam asked in the clip he shared on IG. “Why? I don’t really understand it. The proof is not in the pudding. Aaron Rodgers has not won a Super Bowl since 2011. Tom Brady has been to the Super Bowl eight times since then.”

Not one to hold his tongue, Cam also called Rodgers a "cry baby."

"And then another thing with Aaron Rodgers, he gives me cry baby, grumpy old man, the end-of-Brett-Farve’s-career-in-Green Bay vibes," he said. "That’s all he do. The same thing he doing is the same shit that Brett Farve did to him — cry about the new quarterback, don’t wanna help him out, don’t know if he’s coming in the off-season, don’t know if he’s going to extend the contract to last year when he got the extension, put Green Bay through all this shit.”

Cam isn't the only rapper who's fed up with Rodgers — last month Lil Wayne said the Packers should've gotten rid of the QB before the start of the season.

Cam'ron previously shared news of his new sports show on IG, which came not too long after he expressed how much he disliked Net guard Ben Simmons' game this year.

"Look I’m gonna be real brief and short, pause. Ben Simmons, stop wasting my niggas time,” the Harlem rapper said on IG. “I’m dead fucking serious. Stop playing with my niggas man. You’ve got niggas playing two-on-fucking-five out there. Stop playing with niggas, man. If you don’t want to fucking play basketball, go to fuck with the Kardashians, the Jenners, whoever the fuck you with. Now when we watch it on TV it’s like, ‘Oh, it’s all good.’ I went to the fucking game last night and I watched you shoot a airball layup."

It Is What It Is premieres later in December.

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