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88 Keys Says He Made Pusha T and Kanye West's New Song 18 Years Ago

88 Keys Says He Made Pusha T and Kanye West's New Song 18 Years Ago

Pusha T has announced a brand new single set to release at midnight (February 7) Eastern. The track is reportedly produced by frequent collaborators Kanye West and 88-Keys. Steven Victor shared a snippet of the song and video where Pusha T raps, “You ordered Diet Coke, that’s a joke, right?” 

During a recent Instagram live session, New York producer 88 Keys revealed he made the beat 18 years ago as an interlude on his 2004 beat tape, ironically titled, The Makings of Crack Cocaine. 

"I made that beat 18 years ago. It was an interlude that I made for my beat tape, and the name of my beat tape was called 'The Makings of Crack Cocaine.' How funny is that?"

Push delivers his signature charismatic coke rap bars over the perfectly titled instrumental with some contributions from his G.O.O.D. Music colleague. 

88 Keys continued speaking on how the snippet came to be, saying, “I don’t even think I sold any beats off of it until now, 18 years later,” he says, referencing the new Pusha T track. “It remains to be seen.” 

The Virginia emcee shared the track’s artwork to his Instagram, with the title spelled out in a grungy hand-drawn font, sitting the track’s melancholy theme. 

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