Vanilla Ice Hits Back At Claim He Didn't Write "Ice, Ice Baby"

By Rock The Bells Staff

Vanilla Ice is one of Hip-Hop's most famous, and most famously scorned, one-hit wonders. And the rapper's signature hit, 1990's "Ice, Ice Baby," has been at the center of countless controversies. The song's authorship has once again become a topic of discussion, after ghostwriter Mario "Chocolate" Johnson gave an interview to The Art Of Dialogue, where he said Vanilla Ice had nothing to do with writing the song.

“Every song I did on that album, he credited himself,” Johnson said, referring to Ice's hit 1990 debut album To the Extreme. “He said he wrote ‘Ice Ice Baby’ at 16. He didn’t write no parts of that song, and he really believed it. So imagine that. People think that we had a problem with ‘Ice Ice Baby.’ We didn’t. ‘Ice Ice Baby’ was already in the can, paperwork done."

Johnson was an affiliate of former Death Row Records founder Suge Knight. In a famous bit of rap lore, Ice once claimed that Suge Knight and his men once held the rapper over a balcony due to the dispute with Johnson. But it seems like Vanilla Ice didn't take kindly to Johnson's recent ghostwriting claims. Ice tweeted a rather pointed reference to Suge Knight soon after the interview video was making the rounds.

“Suge Knight garbage," Ice tweeted. "Now put your fanny pack on and dancin shoes and let’s kick it @TMZ.”

Knight is currently incarcerated, after he pleaded no contest to voluntary manslaughter for the 2018 death of Terry Carter. Knight is serving his prison sentence at RJ Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego.

“We had a problem that when the record came out," Johnson says in his interview. "I was sent to Texas to work with him on the album. I did nine songs, and he was supposed to pick five that I was getting paid for, but he ended up putting all nine on the album.”