Travis Scott Speaks to Charlamagne Tha God in First Interview Since Astroworld

By Kiani Shabazz

Travis Scott has officially spoken out in his first public interview since the tragedy at his Astroworld festival, where a crowd surge resulted in ten deaths and hundreds of injuries. The Houston rapper has been remaining silent as lawsuits continue to pile up against him, and on Thursday morning, he sat down with The Breakfast Club’s, Charlamagne Tha God about the tragedy. 

In the first moments of the fifty-minute interview, Travis tells Charlamagne that, in the last few days, he's felt a "rollercoaster of emotions." 

 "I’ve been on different types of emotions, an emotional rollercoaster, I mean," said Travis. "It gets so hard because, you know, I always feel connected with my fans. I went through something and I feel like fans went through something and people’s parents went through something. And it really hurts. It hurts the community, it hurts the city. There’s been a lot of thoughts, a lot of feelings, a lot of grieving, and just trying to wrap my head around it."

Charlamagne asked the rapper what his intention is with the interview, to which the rapper explained that he doesn’t have any aside from communicating with the public. 

"I don’t personally have an intention, I just feel like something happened and I feel like it’s just, I needed a way to kinda like communicate, you know?" he said. "One, families are grieving. There’s fans that experienced something, there’s fans that came to the show. I’ve always been that person to always see things through with the people that share experiences with me. It's been such a time and I’ve been trying to just really figure things out."

Scott also said he had hesitation about doing the interview because of the many lawsuits he’s facing but says it’s “not about that.” 

"You're an artist, you're whoever people think you are at the end of the day you're a human being and you have emotions, you wanna communicate those emotions and try and find the best way to communicate," he said. 

Watch the entire interview between Travis Scott and Charlamagne Tha God down below.