RTB Exclusive: The Pharcyde Have Reunited (Mostly) & Are Going On Tour

By Kyle Eustice

The Pharcyde released two bona fide Hip Hop classics before they parted ways—1992’s Bizarre Ride II: the Pharcyde and 1995’s Labcabincalifornia—which firmly cemented their place in Hip Hop history. But inner turmoil within the group ultimately tore the West Coast group apart and Slimkid3, Imani, Fatlip and Bootie Brown embarked on their own journeys — at least for awhile. 


 In a 2015 interview, Imani flatly stated he would never reunite with Fatlip or Slimkid3, saying it would essentially take an act of God for that to happen. That moment appeared to come when Imani experienced the death of his grandmother. As he explains to Rock The Bells, “My grandmother died, then I had a granddaughter and then life just looked different. And that's just really what it was, just to keep it real. I was dealing with issues inside my own head, and I thought it was the world, but it was inside my own mind. I created my own demons. 


“I asked myself, ‘What do you want if you don't have to worry about what anybody else's wants or to make anybody else happy?’ And the first thing that came up to me, the universe said, ‘You got to make it right with your brothers.’ And the universe didn't say, "Make music with them." It said, ‘Make it right.’” 


After a couple of conversations, the seemingly impossible suddenly became possible, and Slimkid3, Imani and Fatlip reunited for a New Year’s Eve show in Denver, Colorado on December 31—albeit as The Far Side for legal reasons. While Bootie Brown’s absence was palpable, it was a magical moment to see the three of them share a stage and laugh like they hadn’t missed a day. 


The reunited trio (as The Far Side) is expected to embark on a reunion tour in April, which kicks off in Miami. They’re also working on new music and a 30th anniversary project to commemorate the release of Bizarre Ride II. 


“It's time to celebrate is all and enjoy life,” Slimkid3 says. “That's what it's about right now and that's what it should always be about.” 

Stay tuned for a larger feature on the group dropping soon.