Snoop Dogg Dubs NFL Star Patrick Mahomes "P. Diddy" For His Fashion Sense

By Kiani Shabazz

Snoop Dogg is a modern-day renaissance man. Over the course of his career, the LBC rapper has showcased his talents across a bevy of entertainment mediums. From home cook to talk show host, Snoop’s glowing charisma shines through no matter what position he fills. Most recently, Snoop Dogg has taken the role of a sports commentator, appearing on Peacock’s post-game football broadcast.

On Sunday (January 9), Snoop Dogg and country singer Blake Shelton took over the post-game highlight show to break down the biggest moments of the season as the NFL heads into its playoffs. 

While naming his picks for best-dressed players in the league, Snoop gave Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes a shoutout for his choice in pre-game attire, jokingly comparing him to rap impresario Diddy for his pinstripe suit. 

“On Saturday, Patrick Mahomes turned up looking like he was ready for business,” Snoop said in the clip. “Go to work on them, P Diddy. That’s how you sure would show up with a 'pimp-stripe' on, not a pinstripe. But a 'pimp-stripe.' That’s 'P Diddy Mahomes' right there. And that bag is cold matching that tie. You sharp as a mosquito’s needle.”

On January 3, the Doggystyle emcee joined Eli and Peyton Manning for their Monday Night Football broadcast. Of course, he took the time to plug his upcoming Super Bowl Pepsi Half Time show, thanking the NFL for accepting hip-hop on their platform. 

“We so thankful that the NFL is accepting Hip Hop on stage and letting us do what we do,” Snoop said. “We plan on putting together a great show to give the people something that they been waiting on.”

Do you want to see more of Snoop Dogg showing off his sports broadcasting chops? Stay tuned for more hip-hop news.