'Rap Sh!t' S1E4 Recap

By Shayna Calandro

As y’all remember, The Duke a.k.a Chastity, asked Mia if she could be their manager so in this episode we see them all link up to meet with a producer named Sam who Chastity claims to be cool with. Though they haven’t confirmed Chastity to be their official manager, she’s trying to help them out with the goal of becoming just that. But when they got to the venue, the security guard wouldn’t let them in and Chastity seemingly couldn’t get in touch with him. 

Mia’s other two friends met them at the venue and while they’re all waiting in line, Mia gets a call from her mom. She opens up to her about talking to her dad, E Block, earlier that day, who we find out is in jail for shooting somebody. When she tried telling her mom that E Block might potentially get out soon, her mom snapped at her to grow up, adding that she needs to stop having hope that her dad will get out because we won’t. She hung up and her whole vibe changed.

Shortly after, Chastity finally got them into the party to meet the producer but of course, he never showed up. As they were leaving Shawna told Mia she knew that was going to happen, but they all still agreed to go to the next spot that Chastity recommended. Before taking off, Mia’s friend tried to lighten the mood and turn up the vibes offering them pills, and Mia was hesitant but Shawna was down so they all popped a molly before getting in the car.

Things took a turn for the worse though when Chastity saw the car that her girls described as the man who robbed them in the previous episode. She U-turned and followed the car to the projects, and by this time the drugs started to hit Shawna hard. Luckily nothing happened to them while waiting for Chastity to handle her business but Mia pulled her to the side before getting back in the car and told her not to involve them in any of her personal situations. Chastity apologized and they finally went to the next spot. 

They pulled up to a popular Miami hot spot, E11even, and Chastity paid for a small table for them to get in. However, the girls weren’t feeling the table since it was right next to the bathroom, but they tried to make the most of the night. It seemed like it was going to be another bust though after Chastity went to talk to the producer, and he wasn’t giving her the time of day. 

In the meantime, Mia left the table to call her daughter and Shawna went to the bathroom to revamp her conservative outfit. She came back out looking fun and sexy, and Mia’s friends started to hype her up and like her a little more. 

After some time passed, Shawna went to find Mia and she was in her feelings ready to leave the club. She hadn’t been able to reach her mom to talk to her daughter and she was spiraling from the drugs, claiming she only had two paths in life and didn’t want to disappoint her daughter. Shawna calmed her down and let her know that she had her back so they ended up staying, and good thing they did.

Chastity came up with a plan to get their song played at the club even though the producer was clearly not her friend like she thought he was. She told the producer that the DJ was sending a bottle over to his table complimentary, then went to the DJ telling him that the producer wanted an exclusive song to be played, so when the DJ and the producer caught eyes with each other they both pointed, thinking one was doing the other a favor. And surprisingly, it all worked out.

The DJ played the song in the club and everybody was rocking with it! Shawna and Mia stood up on a speaker and rapped along and they had the time of their lives. Once they left the club, they were so grateful for Chastity and she even ended up giving them her last hundred dollars so they could go eat. 

But in the final scene, we find out that Chastity is really broke and has been living out of her car. Fake it ‘til you make it is clearly her motto and it’ll be interesting to see her journey with Shawna and Mia as they try to rise to the top of the rap game!