'Queens' S1E5 "Do Anything For Clout" Recap

By Shayna Calandro

Queens Episode 5 is titled “Do Anything For Clout” and the entire episode was exactly that, everyone was looking for a quick come up!

The show opens with Muffin’s music video as she’s now out of rehab. The video is all over the place and has drugs and alcohol in pretty much every scene. But the record label wanted to go with the aesthetic, and she agreed to it, telling Eric that she could perform at work and live a sober life outside of work. But Naomi lets her know that’s easier said than done… and she wasn’t wrong.

Eric and Naomi met the rest of the ladies at the rehearsal studio and Jill was nowhere to be found. She strolled in late with her former mistress and now “friend” Alicia. Eric announced that he got them booked for a performance at the American Music Awards and while they all were a little hesitant at first, they eventually agreed to do it saying they all needed to be all in on rehearsing so they didn’t embarrass themselves again. But Bri couldn’t start being “all in” just yet, and left abruptly.

Bri drove over to Alexis’ house to talk to her about the pregnancy, and asked if she was keeping it or not since the baby would be her children’s sibling. Alexis said she was still contemplating since she’s only 24-years-old and still struggling. But after some time she contacted Bri again and told her she was going to get an abortion. She set up an appointment and asked Bri to go with her since she hadn’t told anyone else about the pregnancy. Bri sympathized with her and said she would meet her there.

The other ladies rehearsed without Bri, and Valeria mentioned that she was going to get some plastic surgery done on her face so she can look younger, but Naomi assured her she didn’t need to mess with her face and made her promise she wouldn’t. She promised, but didn’t say anything about the rest of her body…

By the time the next rehearsal day came around, Valeria couldn’t participate so the girls showed up at her house. Valeria got butt shots, instead of face work, and it hurt so bad that she could barely stand up. She told the girls not to worry and claimed she’d be ready by performance time.

Later that night someone tried to break into Valeria’s home but they fled when they saw her through the glass front door. Ironically though, Valeria wasn’t scared about the stalker, she was flattered and happy that she would get some publicity for it.

Meanwhile, Muffin had been trying to get acclimated with being a normal citizen, so she went grocery shopping by herself. But she left with nothing, after overhearing a couple of girls talking about how she fell off when they saw her on a magazine cover. Her ego was so hurt that she walked out of the grocery story and left her cart full of food in the check out line.

Now that Jojo knew Eric was her biological father, they were spending more time together getting to know one another. Eric took Jojo to lunch one afternoon and a couple of guys went up to their table and asked for a picture with him. But when he stood up to embrace them, they snatched his chain and ran. Eric chased them and couldn’t catch up and was convinced he knew who set him up for that.

Jojo was turned off by his original response but he explained that it was about the principle, not the material thing. She agreed to help him get the chain back and found out that Eric had a long time beef with Jadakiss. They went to Jada’s office to get the chain back but he told him he didn’t take it and threatened him to get out of his spot, even with his daughter standing right next to him.

Jojo eventually found the guys who took the chain, flaunting it on TikTok as a viral challenge. She called Eric and they pulled up to the guys’ house to get it, and Eric gave it to Jojo as a gift.

Bri finally linked up with the group to rehearse but Jill wasn’t there, again. What the group didn’t know was Jill and Alicia had been setting up individual photoshoots and interviews for Jill leading up to the AMA’s and even planned a surprise pre-AMA party performance but just for Jill, excluding the rest of the ladies.

The day of the AMA’s pre-party arrived and Jill wasn’t the only one trying to get some shine. Muffin shockingly showed up with a diamond studded unicorn horn that was implanted into her forehead, as a ploy to be relevant again, after her grocery store incident.

The Queens showed up to the event together, looking amazing too but Valeria was trying to plot her next publicity stunt too. When she saw Fivio Foreign at the bar, planned to be seen coming out of his place by the end of the night to generate blog coverage, but her flirty attempts didn’t work. When Fivio walked over to their table he only had eyes for Bri. He offered to take her to Paris and treat her like a Queen but Bri wasn’t feelin’ it. He put his number in her phone anyway and told her to call if she changed her mind. Naomi saw the entire exchange and told Bri to consider calling him.

But before they could talk any more about it, Alicia got on stage to welcome everyone to the pre-party and announced Jill and “The Nasty Butches” to perform The Nasty Bitches hit single. Jill walked on stage with two drag queens in place of her actual groupmates. The ladies were totally blindsided and pissed off.

Bri stormed off and surprisingly called Fivio. She met him at his hotel room for a little late night rendezvous, and left right after they had some “sexy time.” She definitely channeled Professor Sex that night, okaaay Bri!

The next day, Jill was late for their final rehearsal and when she showed up, Bri spoke up about not liking how she performed their song without them. Jill let the girls know this was her time to shine and they’re just jealous, adding she didn’t need the group before she walked out. Naomi tried to stop her, but Bri said to let her go. 

Toward the end of the episode, we as the audience were thrown into a montage of everyone in their own individual distress.

Muffin’s unicorn horn got caught on her shirt and ripped off of her face. Valeria found out her stalker was actually her mom who she’s never known. Bri went to Alexis’ abortion appointment but Alexis never showed up and when she went to her house to check on her, her roommate said she packed her things and left without telling them anything. And Jill’s husband pulled up on her to tell her he’d never sign the divorce papers and lit them on fire right in front of her.

Jill packed her bags to leave Bri’s house, since they fell out during rehearsal, but Bri walked in and told her she didn’t want her to leave, she just wanted her friend back.

So the group was now back together again, and the episode closed with all four of the ladies about to go on stage to perform in front of millions of people live on stage.

Jill was the main part of this episode for me, and she definitely needed to take a sip of some humble juice so I hope the group hug at the end was her coming off of her high horse. I don’t know how I feel about her and Alicia’s relationship either, but it’ll be interesting to see if Alicia is being genuine or shady as the season progresses. What’d y’all think about this episode?