Pharrell Posts Video Teaser For Something In The Water Festival


Pharrell may have offered a hint about the upcoming Something In The Water Festival. There hasn’t been an official public announcement of where the next Something In The Water Festival will take place, but event organizer Pharrell Williams posted a cryptic message about it to Twitter on April 25th. The animated video message features the sound of chirping birds, with several white birds flying across the screen carrying various items such as peace signs, microphones, and scales of justice. The video gives no clues to when or where the festival will take place.

Something In The Water launched in 2019 as an annual festival, but the Virginia Beach festival was cancelled in 2020 and 2021 due to Covid 19. The festival was a success with performances by Missy Elliott, Dave Matthews Band, Pusha T, SZA and many others—including a surprise appearance and performance by Jay-Z.

"The festival was meant to bring the community together," Pharrell said. "Ease racial tensions and bring about economic development opportunities."

According to WAVY, Virginia Beach police shot and killed Williams' cousin, 25-year old Donovan Lynch during a night of chaos and violence at the Oceanfront in 2021. Virginia Beach officials said that the shooting was justified because Lynch brandished a firearm. After the shooting Pharrell vowed not to bring the festival back to Virginia Beach, because the city is run by "toxic energy." Virginia Beach native and frequent Pharrell musical collaborator Pusha T revealed earlier this month on an episode of The Pivot that the festival would be moving to D.C.

Sources not authorized to speak publicly confirmed Pusha T's statement.