Pharrell Salutes Kanye As Fans Compare Them: "Ye Crushed It"


Pusha T’s latest full length offering It’s Almost Dry has fans talking; not just about his cocaine-laced wordplay, but about the stellar production on the 12-song project. Kanye West and Pharrell Williams share production duties on the album, and on Monday (April 25), Pusha T revealed in a Twitter Q&A that there are links available to resequenced versions of the album; titled It’s Almost Dry: Pharrell vs Ye’ and It’s Almost Dry: Ye’ vs Pharrell.

These alternate versions are simply shuffled in a fashion where the Pharrell-produced tracks are together followed by Kanye’s and vice versa. Pusha provided the links in response to fans who expressed interest in seeing the production titans in battle.

On April 25, Pharrell posted a video saluting Kanye West on social media.

“Man, I just want to say thank you. It’s Almost Dry—it’s crazy the way it turned out. Ye’ crushed it," the Virginia Beach producer says. “Just the response, the fans reacting to it. You know, when I get with Pusha, he don’t even wanna talk unless we conjuring that demon sound. That’s it. That’s all he wants."

"Ye' is just a Pusha T rap fanatic. He just likes all my raps and he just wants me to rap all day long," he explained. "Pharrell is more of a composer. He wants to make sure that every hook, verse, cadence and flow is sticky. He likes to call them 'sticky moments.'"

So far it seems that It's Almost Dry is everything that King Push promised and well worth the wait.