Pete Rock Condemns Violence and Negativity In Hip-Hop Music

By Kiani Belgrave

Legendary hip-hop producer Pete Rock has crafted some of the genre’s most iconic instrumentals during the span of his 30-year career. The Bronx pioneer witnessed the evolution of hip-hop music and culture from its genesis, watching the genre grow into the cultural phenomenon it is today. 

On Saturday (October 9), the “They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)” beatmaker took to his Instagram account to share a throwback photo of himself and C.L. Smooth. He reminisces about his early days as an emerging producer in the music industry while offering some wise words about violent lyrics and addressing street politics on wax. 

“Was just some clueless youngins here,” he wrote in the caption. “Wish i woulda knew then what i know now. A lot woulda been different but its all good. Being a threat in this business was a real thing for me. Unfortunately the less talented had some tricks up their sleeves to remove us from our message to the people to usher in negativity & fuckery.


“Our talent was the real deal which no part of what we had together talent wise could be fucked with. Remove the threat so we can change the direction of hip hop.”

Pete Rock continued, “Greed with a bunch of other shenanigans has turned real into fake, and fake into more fake smh. Talkin violence in your raps not uplifting our people. Gonna be time when dem street stories gonna get less attention and will have to show what else can you talk about other than thuggin. the real ones this dont apply to you. just the ones on front street rappin,” he said. 

He ended his caption encouraging young artists and classic hip-hop icons the preserve the culture that changes so many people’s lives, “Hip Hop is forever and forever is hip hop. Preserve The Culture!!!!!! With some of us, its all we got.”