NORE Slams "Insecure" Industry People: "I Have the Same Phone Number"

By Rock The Bells Staff

NORE wanted to make some things clear. On the Drink Champs Instagram page, NORE explained why he doesn't venture too deeply into industry social circles.

“When you don’t see me around certain people, it’s because these certain people aren’t god, they’re dealing with insecurities, these are insecure people,” N.O.R.E. said. “I have the same phone number. If you can be in a room full of five people, and those five people say they don’t fuck with N.O.R.E., then those five people are probably the fakest five people in the world, ’cause N.O.R.E.’s one of the top five most loved artists in the world."

“So, when you see these little events, you see these little private dinners, you see these little private, little meetings, and you don’t see the Yalla there, it’s ’cause the Yalla wasn’t invited."