NBA 2K Announces New Rap Career Option

By Kiani Belgrave

Everyone knows that ballplayers always want to be rappers and vice versa for hip-hop artists. NBA 2K plans to make that dream come true for basketball fans as they add the latest entry to the popular sports video game.

On Friday (July 23) NBA 2K franchise announced the immersive Hidden Talents mode for the upcoming NBA 2K22 release. The addition will allow players to dive into a side hustle when the player is off the court, where your 2K Myplayer will be able to pursue careers in fashion or become a rapper. Players will be able to mimic the careers of Damian Lillard, Shaquille O’Neal, and Kobe Bryant. The new addition will be available for 2K players with Playstation 5 and X-Box Series X.

NBA Poster Image

Credits to: Getty Images

This news comes after it was announced that WNBA player Candace Parker will be the first woman to ever grace the cover of the NBA 2K cover. The game will be released on Sept. 10. Get ready to be the next NBA rap superstar!