Nas Is Selling Rights To Two of His Songs As NFTs

By Kiani Shabazz

Nas has recently announced plans to sell two of his most recent tracks through Royal, the crypto-backed music service he invested in last year. 

Nas’ new tracks “Ultra Black,” from his Grammy award-winning album King’s Disease, and “Rare,” from 2021’s King’s Disease II, will be available as “limited digital assets,” which the crypto company describes as an “extended version of an NFT.” 

Royal’s pitch has to do with selling ownership of individual songs via crypto; buy a token attached to a song, and you’ll receive royalties from its use down the line.

Royal is led by Justin "DJ 3BLLU" Blau, the famed EDM DJ who became a leader in the crypto and NFT world as an investor and entrepreneur in the space.

Nas’ Limited Digital Assets (LDAs) will be available in three tiers: gold, platinum, and diamond.  Each tier represents different ownership percentages in the songs. Blau said buyers will also get “additional utility” with each tier, though he declined to say what Nas has in the vault. 

Are you going to be buying a Nas NFT? Stay tuned for more hip-hop news.