Nas Recalls DMX Making Him Cry On Set of 'Belly'

By Kiani Belgrave

In 1998, Nas and DMX co-starred in the Hype Williams-directed cult classic film, Belly. The same year, DMX would go on the iconic two-album run with It’s Dark, and Hell Is Hot and Flesh of Flesh, Blood of My Blood, which both went No.1. 

Nas paid a visit to Desus & Mero for an interview on Sunday (October 17). At one point, the Queens emcee reminisced on the life of DMX and recalled a moment they shared on the set of Belly 20 years ago. 

“We formed a brotherhood,” he said of his “Life Is What You Make It” collaborator. “I didn’t have to see him, or he didn’t have to call me, but when we saw each other though, it was that! Even working on the film, we cried.

“We were at the Tunnel doing a scene, and I was like, ‘You feel that, bro?’ He was like, ‘Yeah.’ And he’s crying, and now I’m crying. He was talking with that, ‘Grrr.’ I was like, ‘This man’s energy is something else.'”




The emcee explained that X was loved by many artists in the hip-hop community, saying, “People need to understand, DMX had more love than most rappers would ever see,” Nas declared. “People said when he passed, ‘Where was the love when he was alive?’ You gotta be kidding me! He had more love than 98 percent of rappers would ever have.”

“He walked through any hood, sold millions of records, he had an incredible movie career. Kids ain’t doing that today! I wish he was still here with us, but in this life, he saw more love than 1,000 rappers put together.”

Check out the entire interview below.