World Premiere: Masta Ace Drops The Visuals For "Home in America" - Part 2

By Rock The Bells Staff

In June 2021, Masta Ace released  Home in America" with NYC Jazz collective Analog Players Society — skillfully exposing the devastating multi-generational impact of systemic racism on Black Americans and proposes a “what-if?” counterfactual history of the January 6 Insurrection.

Now, he's back with a second installment.

The collaboration with animator Olise Forel, "Home in America - Part 2"" brings the narrative to life, with prolific imagery, harsh reality, and critical thinking. 

"This is my second time working with Olise," Ace says. "He did the lead off video for Marco Polo and I back in 2018. He’s brilliant with what he can create on a green screen. This new animation stuff he’s doing has taken his videos to another level! Im glad he was available for this. He helped give life to these lyrics."