Lil Cease Says 'Biggie Was Writing The Raps For Me' Before He Died

By Kiani Shabazz

In a recent interview with VladTV, Lil Cease the story of how he started writing raps. The Junior Mafia emcee admitted that his friend and musical mentor The Notorious B.I.G. wrote all of Cease's rhymes in the early days of his career because he was not a rapper. But Biggie thought Cease’s natural charisma made him a capable performer, continuing to write Cease’s lyrics until his tragic death in 1997. 

“I started rapping after Biggie passed, when I had to write my album. You know, cuz in them times before that, Biggie was writing the raps for me,” Lil Cease explained. “I just wasn’t a rapper. It was just an idea that he had just from me performing with him the whole year before he got a record deal.”

Lil Cease explained that he was intimidated to hop on a record with Biggie at first, because of Biggies natural raw talent. 

“He used to try to get to rap. I was just intimidated. Cuz I’m like, ‘this n*gga so nice, he so dope. I can’t write nothing nowhere close to what that nigga doing,’” Cease continued. “He told me it’s not about what you say. It’s how you say it. I was always just scared to write songs around him. And he was like, ‘yo, I’m about to write you a bunch of raps. And you gonna deliver them.” 

Watch the entire clip below and stay tuned for more hip-hop news.