Lil Cease Addresses Unreleased Biggie Song Directed at 2Pac: "He Didn't Wanna Make It Like That"

By Jay Quan

In a recent interview with The Art of Dialogue Lil Cease spoke on his late friend The Notorious B.I.G. and his infamous feud with the late 2Pac. Specifically, Cease addressed Biggie supposedly throwing subliminal disses at Tupac, and a proposed collaboration with Nas and Busta Rhymes.

“B.I.G wasn’t really tryin’ to do diss songs for Pac," Cease explained. "He would insert little lines to let Pac know that he was listening and aware, you obviously can’t stray away from it, but B.I.G wasn’t gonna put a full effort into a full song dissin’ Tupac. B.I.G was just sprinkling on it – on the Jay-Z record (Brooklyn’s Finest) he said ‘If Faith has twins she’ll probably have two Pac’s’ he was letting (Pac) know that he was aware, but he was having fun with it because he didn’t wanna make it that.”

When the subject of Biggie dissing Pac on a proposed collaboration between Nas, Biggie and Busta Rhymes called “The Ugliest” is brought up Cease explains: “ B.I.G. just said a few lines and never said Tupac’s name in the song. The song is out there and B.I.G said ‘And the winner is/not that thinner kid/bandanas & tattoos/my fist never bruised/land still cruise Frank White paid his dues’." That’s all he said and if you were thinking about it you knew who he was talkin’ about, but he never said his name and it’s not a diss if you don’t say a name.”

The song was produced by Q Tip and intended for a Busta Rhymes project was never released, but Biggie's verse is available online. “Nobody laid a verse after B.I.G. and the song just got pushed away," says Cease.