Kid Cudi Shares Trailer for New Documentary 'A Man Named Scott'

By Kiani Belgrave

Kid Cudi has announced a new Amazon Prime Video documentary based on his life and career called A Man Named Scott. The film is directed by Robert Alexander and follows Cudi’s prolific career, highlighting his contributions and influence on hip-hop culture. 

On Tuesday (October 26), Amazon Prime Video shared the trailer to the forthcoming documentary film focusing on the Cleveland emcee. 

A Man Named Scott premiers on Amazon Prime Video on November 4. The film’s title is derivative of Cudi’s 2008 breakout mixtape, A Kid Named Cudi, where the hip-hop world was introduced to the eccentric hip-hop crooner. 

“Creating something new and helping people, it’s always been an escape to me, and it’s freeing,” Cudi says in the film’s trailer. Check out the full trailer for Kid Cudi’s A Man Named Scott below.