Kanye West Planning To Visit Russia To Meet With Vladimir Putin

By Kiani Shabazz

Kanye West is looking to spread his empire to Russia. The prolific creative has announced plans to visit Moscow to meet with President Vladimir Putin, hold his famous Sunday Service choir concerts, and expand his business ventures into the country. 

Ye plans to visit the country in the spring or summer, depending on his busy schedule. Ameer Sudan, Ye’s strategic advisor, says the rapper plans to make Moscow his “second home” explaining the rapper will be “spending a lot of time out there.” 

The Chicago emcee is working on new business deals with Aras Agalarov, a close associate of Putin. While Sudan could not disclose the details of specific business ventures, he projected they would increase West’s wealth to more than $10 billion. Last March, Bloomberg reported Ye was worth $6.6 billion between his earnings from Yeezy Brand and deal with Gap.

Ye also plans to collaborate with Emin Agalarov in an effort to raise Emin’s popularity in the United States. Emin Agalarov is a musician trained by the late singer Muslim Magomayev, a beloved Russian artist often referred to as the Soviet Sinatra. Going by EMIN, he has released more than a dozen albums since starting his career in 2005 and embarked on numerous international tours.

The Sunday Service show will be Ye’s first performance in Russia in his career. According to Sudan, the concerts and meetings with Putin have been on Ye’s agenda since he debuted the gospel choir concerts in 2019. 

What do you think about Ye taking his first trip to Russia to meet with Vladimir Putin? Stay tuned for updates on this and other hip-hop news.